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bodyspell: OPEN SESSION — somatic plant meditation + movement session at GOODWITCH Studio

bodyspell: OPEN SESSION — somatic plant meditation + movement session at GOODWITCH Studio

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bodyspell: OᑭEᑎ SESSIOᑎ — somatic plant meditation + movement session at GOODWITCH Studio

(NEW DATE!) IN PERSON Thursday May 23rd, from 630-8PM

34 Allen St
Hudson, NY
(directions to our private entrance will arrive via email) 



SPOTS ARE LIMITEDplease register in advance!





+  BYO HERB OR ... 

select "workshop + herbal extract" and specify the single herb extract of your choice (from the list on this page) in the "Note" box at checkout. Your 30mL tincture will be ready for you when you arrive in the space.   :~)






Plants guide as we meditate and move to awaken body awareness

exploring the synesthetic interrelation of our senses, ideas and emotions.

Realize the entanglement of our “internal” and “external” worlds.

Ground gently or dissolve into ecstatic unity. We are Nature.

This practice isn't just for people interested in herbalismit's for anyone interested in deepening their sense of connection with the world around them.
We explore movement as conversation—between
body + Earth
body + plants
body + consciousness.


No experience of any kind required. 

Practice includes guided sensory experiencing (touch, taste, smell), somatic meditation, and recording personal "field notes" (writing, drawing). 

Movement is fully self-determined (notice, stretch, stim, dance, rest) and does not require standing.

This is an interior practice that does not involve partnered movement or touch with other people. We will each be relating directly with our Plant. 

Designed to be accessible to those living with chronic pain, limited or hyper-mobility, and other complicated body experiences.

Learn more about our approach to movement here

Facilitated by Remy, founder + herbalist at GOODWITCH





Visit the "Founder" section of our About page.





Located 1 block from the Hudson Amtrak station (a 2 hour ride from NYC Penn Station).

Entry requires a few stairs.

Masks suggested and provided, but not required. 

Email with any questions or requests regarding accessibility.





  • 1 Herb 

A single plant in any form (a sprig or single plant extract—tincture, oil, tea) to touch + smell + taste. 

Bring your own *or* select "workshop + herb" to buy any single plant extract from our apothecary. Specify the herb of your choosing in the "Note" box at checkout. 

  • Pen ... + 

For drawing + note-taking. Dry art supplies (colored pencils, charcoal...) are welcome too!

  • Comfortable, loose clothing to move in 

Removable layers and socks are nice for sliding around on the floor. If you have soft knee pads, you might like to bring those. 

  • Mat 

A yoga mat would be nice, for sitting and laying on. If you don't have one, you can borrow at the Studio for free. 



Thank you for joining us in our new Studio space! 







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